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The main software solutions development company of Skyfield Consultants Group based in Asia developing a wide range of web-base or client-server service support software solutions.

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3S Limited, by serving its clients mainly from different social service and public sectors, has gained in-depth understanding of the importance of an innovative information system to the ever-changing nature of social service practitioners and users.

Main focus of 3S includes development of customized software products to meet its clients’ individual requests and requirements, provision of technical consulting, end-user supports, network administration and training services to enhance management and backup of information technology infrastructure to its clients.

3S Limited

Being an advance information system developer, 3S understands that rapid social changes and developments are imperative to development of all sectors and industries, whether public and /or private in nature. 3S is well aware of the needs of its clients and potential clients and has dedicated to develop a wide range of sophisticated and tailor-made web-based software solutions since its incorporation. By providing its clients with tailor-made software systems, 3S aims to assist its clients to manage their respective resources in a more effective and efficient manner.

3S Limited, by serving its clients mainly from different social service and public sectors, has gained in-depth understanding of the importance of an innovative information system to the ever-changing nature of social service practitioners and users.

Main focus of 3S includes development of customized software products to meet its clients’ individual requests and requirements, provision of technical consulting, end-user supports, network administration and training services to enhance management and backup of information technology infrastructure to its clients.

Group and Affiliated Companies

3S Limited is a member company of Skyfield Consultants Group. Skyfield Consultants Group consists of companies based in United States of America and Asia and are devoted in developing both hardware and software products for its clients.

3S Limited together with its group affiliates provide great values and offers a variety of information technology related products and services, ranging from web-based and client server based software solutions design and development, hardware products (including rackmount products, computers and wireless systems), and even product design and printing services.

3S Limited and its group affiliates are committed to expand their businesses into different sectors of IT industry with a goal to develop into a service centre of all-rounded IT services and products to serve clients throughout the world. By engaging any service of 3S Limited and its group affiliates, the experience will inevitably heighten your boundary-free access to different resources in the IT sectors with 3S Limited and its group affiliates strive to provide the most advantageous and professional IT technology, knowledge and skills to you.

Member group companies of Skyfield Consultants Group include:

3S Limited

The main software solutions development company of Skyfield Consultants Group based in Asia developing a wide range of web-base or client-server service support software solutions together with professional and comprehensive services to customize our software products to meet its clients’ requirements. 3S also provides IT consultation, hardware and / or software installation and maintenance, network administration, existing software enhancement and training services.

Shanghai Computer Consultant Company Limited

Shanghai Computer Consultant is a Shanghai based company. It provides all rounded I.T. related services for its clients, mainly the chain-store retailers and press & publication entities. It also provides different design services to its clients, including software designs, IT product or packaging designs. It also operates its own printing facilities to providing packing and printing services.

2/F., Block 11, Lane 2041,JinShaJiang Road, Shanghai, PRC
I-Tech Company

A US based company focusing on supplying its customers with high-quality hardware products. I-Tech offers products a variety of rackmount products such as network racks, rack mount cabinets, rack mount LCD monitors, rack mount keyboard and drawers and Panel PCs. By focusing on customer needs, high-quality products and services, as well as respect for the individual, I-Tech create value-added services for its consumers by customizing its products, whether it’s several rack mount shelves or some power distribution units, so it can meet its customers’ individual specifications. Currently, the company enjoys a wide client base ranging from governmental customers, education customers and to corporate customers. I-Tech aims to be the leading company in its industry by creating lasting value for its customers, employees, as well as its stakeholders.

42828 Albrae Street, Fremont CA 94538

SunTronic is also a US based company. It has become a major supplier of computers, surveillance equipment and wireless systems. The company provides a full computer related services including computer networking, wireless technology, Internet solutions, monitoring systems and also repairing service and offers experts in home of office on site compute repairs and hardware upgrade. The company’s R&D team is currently carrying out research and development activities to design and develop outdoor Internet-enabled hardware exhibition solutions.

Estrada Municipal de Albufeira, Maritenda, 8125-022 Quarteira

Mission & Vision


3S Limited is set to be the dominant and leading information technology and software solution provider in Hong Kong and Asia. We are committed to providing IT solutions with highest industry standards and excellent service to enable our customers to enhance their business strengths and improve their administrative efficiencies and productivity. We emphasize product quality, service excellence and long term relationship. With 3S as service provider, clients can confidently implement innovative ideas and create further added value for their internal and external customers and users.


Expand our customized software solutions suite in both functionality and service portfolio
Work closely with our group affiliates to grow our global business
Further enrich and strengthen our research and development capabilities
Expand our service client bases in Hong Kong, China and Asia
Actively partner with other service providers and/or IT product companies to pursue opportunities that can offer synergistic effects.


To provide customer the most customized software solutions that meet and facilitate individual needs and demands of customers and clients. 3S will keep current in technology, business, industrial knowledge and academia.

Code Of Ethics


3S Limited values professionalism and endorses and upholds strict Code of Ethics for its employees. Extracts of 3S Limited Code of Ethics (Revised Version of May 2009).


Ethics refers to the value system by which a person determines what is right or wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust. It is expressed through moral behavior in specific situations. An individual’s conduct is measured not only against his or her conscience but also against the norm or acceptability that has been socially, professionally or organizationally determined.

3S Limited Ethical Standards

Being the employees of 3S Limited, they have an obligation to the clients that they serve, their jobs & professions, the customers & suppliers, and themselves to maintain the highest standard of ethical conduct. In recognition of this obligation, 3S’ employees have adopted and will adopt the following standards of ethical conduct. Each business unit may have additional guidelines and regulations and the Laws of Hong Kong do all apply to the work that they carry out.

Up-to-date, 3S LIMITED has developed a wide range of customized software systems for different clients and its client base primarily comprises the followings:

  • Service-base Industries, e.g. banks, insurance companies, financial institutes.
  • Education Institutes
  • Semi-Government Organizations / Bodies
  • NGOs

3S Limited aims, by design and development of different customized Information Systems and providing related supports to its clients, in particular NGOs, to achieve the following goals:

  • To enhance the information technology capability of its clients.
  • To explore, experiment and promote different ways of deploying information technology systems for different sectors of services and businesses.
  • To promote and maximize the resources of its clients by optimizing utilization of new information technology and digital resources and policies of its clients.

3S Limited, in general, provides the following services (where applicable) to its clients on individual product(s):

  • Project Management;
  • Customization;
  • Integration and Data Migration of Existing Systems;
  • System Setup, Consultation and Maintenance.

3S Business Objects Consulting

With help from our expert consultants, who have a deep knowledge of best practices for business insight and enterprise performance management, you can plan and implement solutions for business intelligence; enterprise performance management; and governance, risk, and compliance - solutions that enable you to drive higher levels of excellence across your enterprise.

Whether you need help aligning your strategic objectives to performance metrics, or you want to leverage proven best practices, you can rely on 3S BusinessObjects consulting services to help you make the most of your business solutions.

Support For Your Company Colleagues

Once your system is installed, 3S Limited will continue to support to your organization or entity. 3S Limited provides both your application and operating systems software support through telephone and electronic access. Detailed scope of continue support will be covered in the maintenance service contract between 3S Limited and your company / organization / entity.


To enable your users and staff to fully manage and utilized the software solutions and other products provided by 3S to your organization / company / entity, 3S will provide after sales trining programmes for your users and staff.

We are seeking to work together with business partners that have local market expertise in a territory or in a particular vertical market segment.

Systems Integrators

Integrators and consultants who provide a range of value added services for 3S Limited products including strategic assessment, architecture review, site planning, custom application development, installation and project management.

Technology Partners

Hardware and application vendors who extend the reach of 3S Limited software solutions to deliver integrated applications across the business sectors.

OEM and VAR partners

Independent software vendors who package and resell 3S Limited software solutions along with their own solutions.

Training Partners

Independent trainers or organizations that certify end users and administrators on 3S Limited software solutions.

Channel Partner Information Request

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3S serves a variety of customers Customer Type:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance
  • Garment Manufacturing, Trading and Buying Office
  • Manufacturing and Trading
  • Retails and Motors
  • Information Technology, Telecommunication and High Technology
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Hotel and Catering
  • Government, Hospital, Non-Profit Making Organization and Utility
  • Servicing Industry
  • Shipping, Airfreight and Logistics

Note: No specific order for company list.

3S Custom Development tailors 3S solutions to meet the unique needs of companies worldwide.

For more information or enquiry, please contact us at:

Office Tel

(852) 2333 7704




Flat 11, 11/F, Brill Plaza,
84 Tokwawan Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon.

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